Peanut Paradise Tropical Smoothie


Enjoy this Peanut Paradise Tropical Smoothie as a quick snack, pre or post-workout snack, or with breakfast. Made with peanut butter, milk, frozen bananas, non-fat Greek yogurt, and protein powder, it’s a quick and healthy snack or meal option.

Recipe for Strawberry Smoothie with Lime

best milk for smoothies Recipe for Strawberry Smoothie in a glass

When I was a kid, I remember my dad would go to Costco and get the 2 lb. pack of strawberries. He would always get it specifically for me, because he knew I liked them so much. I would never fail to eat the whole container in one or two days. I was just crazy […]

Tofu Scramble

Tofu Scramble with tomatoes and avocado on a plate

Lately, I have been trying to eat more plant-based. After doing some research, I’m learning how healthy it can be for your body and mind. Although going fully plant-based seems way too intimidating to me right now, I’m just making simple switches where I can and choosing to eat more plant-based meals. A very popular […]

Chocolate Coconut Cereal Recipe


This chocolate coconut cereal recipe is perfect when you are craving a sugary breakfast or dessert option, but still want something healthy.

energizer berry smoothie in a glass

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