7 Non-Dairy Substitutes for Buttermilk That Are All Vegan

non dairy substitutes for buttermilk landscape close up

In the past few years (ever since college), I’ve gotten into more plant-based eating. Although I’m not a full vegan, I try my best to incorporate as much plant-based eating and plant variety into my diet as possible. So, when I tried baking vegan the other day, I was wondering how I could substitute buttermilk […]

How to Make Oat Flour in Less Than 5 Minutes!

How to Make Oat Flour flour in a bowl with spoon

Healthy baking and using alternative flours have been one of my favorite ways to stay healthy and bake lots of great-tasting treats. By using different grain and nut flours, you can diversify the flavor and texture of your baked goods. Some of my favorite alternative flours include almond flour, oat flour, whole wheat flour, and […]

energizer berry smoothie in a glass

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